Steps of IFS Process Meditations Bundle

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The 6 Basic Meditations for Steps of the IFS Process are helpful for experiential learners who are being introduced to the basic concepts of IFS.

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This meditation bundle contains 6 guided IFS Meditations:

Basic Meditation 1: Getting to Know a Part, Bonnie Weiss
Introduces the concept of parts and encourages you to identify a part and make some gentle contact with it.

Basic Meditation 2: Body Scan, Bonnie Weiss
Guides you through a gentle body awareness process that can be used to access Self.

Basic Meditation 3: The Guest House, Bonnie Weiss
Begins with the reading of the Rumi poem, The Guest House, and invites you to explore what parts are activated by the poem.

Basic Meditation 4: Getting To Know Concerned Parts, Bonnie Weiss
Introduces the concept of Concerned Parts. Guides you to find a part that you have some negative feelings toward and unblend from the parts of you with the negative feelings.

Basic Meditation 5: Opening Heart Meditation, Bonnie Weiss
Brings you more deeply in contact with your heart and invites you to love your parts.

Basic Meditation 6: Appreciating Protectors, Jay Earley
Guides you through a process of making contact with your protectors and appreciating their positive intent for you.

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