Self-Therapy Vol. 3 (Kindle Version)

A Step-by-Step Guide to Using IFS for Eating Issues, Procrastination, the Inner Critic, Depression (Kindle Version)

The first book in this series, Self-Therapy, brought Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) to both therapists and the general public. IFS is a powerful and user-friendly method of therapy, which can be done on your own. Self-Therapy, Vol. 3 shows how IFS can be used to transform a variety of important psychological issues. You don’t need to have read Vol 2.

If you have been using IFS with your clients or in your own inner work, this book will help you to heal and transform eating issues, procrastination, the inner critic, depression, perfectionism, anger, communication, and more.

About the Author

Jay Earley, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist, psychotherapist, group leader, author, teacher, web entrepreneur, and theorist.

He is a big-picture thinker and innovative psychological theorist. Jay isknown the clarity of his teaching and writing, his creative methods ofdemonstrating complex ideas, and his detailed description of therapeutic technique.

Jay focuses on Internal Family Systems Therapy inall aspects of his work. He  teaches courses applying IFS and thePattern System to specific psychological issues such as procrastination, communication, relationships, and the inner critic. Jay has publishedother books on IFS, including Freedom From Your Inner Critic, ResolvingInner Conflict, and Working Through Anger in IFS.

Jay Earley and Bonnie Weisshave published a series of audio products related to IFS, includingrecorded IFS Courses, IFS Demonstration Sessions, and IFS GuidedMeditations. See

Jayhas created the Pattern System, a systematic approach to understandingyour personality that can lead directly to psychological healing andpersonal growth. He has published a series of books based on the Pattern System. See

Jay has createdSelf-Therapy Journey, an online tool for exploring and resolving a widevariety of psychological issues and developing healthy capacities.

Dr. Earley isnationally known for his innovation in the group psychotherapy field,published in Interactive Group Therapy: Integrating Interpersonal,Action-Oriented, and Psychodynamic Approaches. He continues to leadinteractive and IFS therapy groups in the Bay Area.Jay has also published Transforming Human Culture: Social Evolution and thePlanetary Crisis and Inner Journeys: A Guide to Personal and SocialTransformation. He is a former computer scientist.


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