Victim Pattern Webinar

During this recorded webinar it will help you to determine if you have a Victim Pattern–or if your partner (or someone else close to you) does. If you have the Victim Pattern, you believe that your life situation is impossible or that someone has wronged you. In other words, you believe that your problems exist because bad things were done to you.

Recorded Webinar
1 hour 16 minutes

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Recognize the Victim Pattern in Yourself and Others

What you will do in this webinar

  • Learn about the Victim Pattern
  • Understand the psychology behind it
  • Let go of feeling helpless and blaming other people
  • Develop the Responsibility Capacity
  • Take charge of your life
  • Recognize the Victim Pattern in other people
  • Learn how to relate to them and help them change

Recorded Webinar
1 hour 16 minutes


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