Advanced IFS Reparenting Webinar

This recorded webinar covers the step in the IFS process where you give an exile a corrective emotional experience, which sometimes involves the Self becoming the healthy parent for an exile. It assumes that you already understand the basics of IFS reparenting.

The webinar covers various advanced options for reparenting, such as where the exile doesn’t want it from Self or where you need to redo the original situation.

55 minutes
Recorded Webinar

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Advanced IFS Reparenting Webinar

55 minutes
Recorded Webinar

  • This webinar is for therapists, coaches, and other professionals
  • It assumes that you are trained in IFS or familiar with the basic IFS concepts
  • This webinar assumes that you already understand the basics of IFS reparenting
  • It covers the situation where the reparenting cannot come from Self

Reparenting from other than Self

  • Sometimes the exile won’t accept reparenting from the Self
  • Because the exile wants a mother and the client is male
    • (or occasionally the exile wants a father and the client is female)
  • Because the exile wants it from the parent

Reparenting from Other than Self – Pros and Cons


  • It doesn’t deepen the bond between the exile and the Self
  • It is harder to follow-up in the client’s life
    • (though the Self can be the one who provides the exile with the reparenting figure)


  • It can provide the exile with exactly what it needs
  • It can be healing to get the reparenting from the original parent

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