For Therapists

Professional Training in IFS

The Center for Self-Leadership, run by IFS founder Richard Schwartz, PhD, conducts training programs in IFS for therapists and others in the helping professions, which we highly recommend. There are three levels, which can be taken one at a time. Level 1 consists of six three-day weekends. These training programs are held in many different cities around the U.S. and in Europe. There is now a new format that consists of two week-long retreats, so this can be taken by people in cities that don’t have trainings. See the CSL website,, for details about training locations and schedules.

The leaders are excellent and the curriculum is well-designed. They are experiential trainings, so you learn about IFS by working with your own parts and practicing doing sessions with others in the training. There is an emphasis on building community in the training group, which fosters personal and professional connection.

Advanced Ongoing IFS Classes

Jay Earley, PhD
A place to deepen your knowledge of IFS technique and theory and get training and supervision, plus work as a group on transforming specific issues and interpersonal patterns, healing specific types of exiles, and developing healthy capacities.
Twice a month, $100/month
Two different classes available. One is for therapists.
Click here for detailed information or to enroll.

Interactive/IFS Therapists Group

Jay Earley, PhD
The Interactive/IFS Therapists Group is for therapists, coaches, and other helping professionals.  It also includes some training and supervision in leading such groups.

Second and fourth Wednesdays of each month
10am- 12 noon pacific time (1-3 pm eastern, 6-8pm UK)
Click here for more information.

Individual IFS Consultation

We provide individual consultation for therapists who are using IFS. Call Jay at 415-924-5256 or Bonnie at 415-924-5200.

Supervision for Interns using IFS.

Bonnie is available to take on private-practice interns who are learning IFS. The interns work in our Mill Valley, CA office. Call Bonnie at 415-924-5200.

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