Race, Ethnicity, Culture, and Gender

This article is based on my ideas about the Great Turning Movement. If you aren’t familiar with them, click here. It is linked to from my article Visions of a Regenerative Society. It briefly describes how race, ethnicity, culture, and gender might look in a transformed society.

Race and Ethnicity

In a transformed society, there will be no discrimination or violence toward people because of their race, religion, ethnic identity, sexual orientation, class, or gender identity. All people will have equal access to power, freedom, advancement, and a happy life. And there will be a beautiful mixing of races.

Because of the deeply ingrained racism (and other isms) in our culture, this transition will take quite a bit of time and effort, especially to move past the subtler versions of racism, privilege, and lack of access.


We will appreciate the positive aspects of many different subcultures within our midst. Some will identify with and celebrate the culture they were born into, and others will feel free to choose their own cultural values and live in their own way.

This not to imply that all cultures are equally valid. We will still retain our ability to recognize life-denying aspects of a culture and challenge them.


In the new era, there will be no discrimination or violence against women, and in fact, people will appreciate the positive qualities that the feminine have to offer because it is so needed in the new era. Women will have power and pay equal to men, and their leadership will help to bring forth many of the positive qualities of the regenerative society.

Each person will have the right to choose how they understand their gender role, not being put into a box based on societal expectations. In addition, gender will be seen as something that is more fluid that just male and female, with transgender people being allowed to choose their gender and others choosing a gender identity goes beyond the binary choice of male and female.