Readers Needed for Self-Therapy, Vol. 3

I have finished the rough draft of Self-Therapy, Vol. 3, which contains more advanced IFS material beyond what I covered in Self-Therapy Vols. 1 & 2. Vol. 3 shows how to apply IFS to various psychological issues, such as Eating Issues, Procrastination, the Inner Critic, Depression, Perfectionism, Anger, and Communication. I am very excited to be expanding my writings on IFS through the Self-Therapy Series.

I am looking for people who are willing to read this draft carefully and give me detailed feedback on it. You must have already read Self-Therapy. It would be nice if have also read Vol. 2, but it isn’t required.

I don’t need editing because I will have it professionally edited later. I do need feedback on organization, concepts, wording, and anything else that you notice. I need the feedback in three weeks, so I can move on to publishing the book.

I want to have both therapists/coaches and non-professionals giving me feedback on the book, so let me know which one you are.

If you want to be one of the people giving me feedback, please let me know sending me an email at

However, don’t offer to do this unless you really have the time and inclination to do it, because I will only be asking a certain number people to do this and if you offer to do it, I may not ask someone else. I may get more people offering to give me feedback than I can use, so I may not use everyone, but I appreciate your offer anyway.

Self-Therapy A Step-by-Step

Self-Therapy Vol-2