Self-Therapy Journey Testimonials


“Self Therapy Journey is brilliant. It’s been an absolutely great experience to use it. I have done IFS in a phone situation in the class with Jay, who is one of the best at it, and this online system comes darn close. It covers all the bases. Every time I had a thought like, “What about this?” there was something in the online system to handle it. It’s complete. It covers every nook and cranny of what will occur with the pattern, what it’s like to live inside it, and what it takes to live a different way. That part of it is brilliant.”
~ Athena Murphy


“Self-Therapy Journey is surprisingly powerful and easy to use.  Even though I’ve done a lot of IFS therapy, the application helped me further relax dependent patterns I experience, and made a difference in my daily relationship with my significant other: I’ve noticed less “clingy” energy in myself when she wants distance, for example, without a lot of effort in the moment to achieve that.  The application also surfaced other bookmarks I could return to and continue to work on, should that be useful. I also like the practice plan it helped me create, so I know I have a resource I can use if it’s hard to change some of my ingrained habits and a few of the patterns return. I’m really excited about referring my coaching clients to this resource as well, so they can deepen and extent the work they start with me.”
~ Mark Hurwich, Executive Coach


“I think Self-Therapy Journey is immensely helpful. I have people who are waiting to hear the report on what I learned next! I’m looking forward to being able to use it with clients. The interconnectedness and the depth of the exploration is quite something! I’m impressed with the comprehensiveness of the system. You can go as deep as you’re willing or want to go. It’s perpetually useful.”
~ Elizabeth Moulton, Clinical Psychologist


“I gained some pretty incredible insights from Self-Therapy Journey that had never hit me before about the motivations of my Taskmaster. The last stage seemed perfectly designed to further the inner work that had already started to occur—identifying and challenging unrealistic fears, and developing some self-talk to challenge and soothe these fears.  The program also helped me to recognize what my own pattern triggers in other people—especially my husband. Overall this was an enormously helpful program. I love that it is self-paced and can be done in one’s own time-frame from the privacy of home.  It really allowed me to explore my pattern in a safe, titrated way, and to gain some amazing insights.”
~ S. D., Psychotherapist


“Going through Self-Therapy Journey helped me to understand that I had a much stronger Conflict-Avoiding Pattern than I had thought. It helped me to clarify different circumstances that contributed to this pattern and how this was still very present in my life today. I realized the importance of addressing issues instead of withdrawing. I mistakenly thought that I was contributing to more harmony but forgot to take into account all the resentment that I was building up.
Having tools and ideas how to address this pattern has already proved very helpful. It was important for me was to see clearly that I have the right to express my personal needs, even if they differ from the needs of people around me. I do not need to put myself in “second position.” My needs are as valid as anybody else’s. I very much enjoyed the meditations that helped me to go deeper in my understanding of this pattern, and they also helped me in finding ways of changing my behavior.”
~ Isabel d’Arenberg


“I think this is a fabulous tool for people. This really helps you get familiar with the process of going through a pattern. You feel a sense of control, rather than being lost trying to figure yourself out with a book. This is interactive and gets you more engaged.”
~ J. Glenn, Multimedia Designer


“I have processed my Judgmental Pattern on Dr. Jay Earley’s Self-Therapy Journey, and I found it to be the next best thing to working with a live therapist for exploring unhealed wounds from the past that led to extreme feelings and beliefs–often leading to problematic behavior and attitudes in the present. It gave me not only clear insights as to how these patterns arose, it also gave me concrete tools for healing them and becoming a more whole and complete human being.”
~ Tom Burdenski, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, Associate Professor of Psychology and Counseling


“The problems that I worked on using Self-Therapy Journey have been resolved. It’s a really nice way to work by yourself and get clear and connect the dots about something you want to change. It helped to bring my issue to the program and strategize about the behavior I wanted to be different. I find it hard to be in therapy or a group, so I liked the idea of doing it on my own in this format. I love the Pattern System. I can’t wait until the book on it comes out. The Pattern System has jump-started a lot of my clients in understanding their issues at the beginning of their work. People really do like maps of what is going on inside.”
~ Cathy Duke, Licensed Counselor


“Self-Therapy Journey reveals a clear and logical pattern behind behaviors. I found the information easy to understand and helpful. With the insight came not only a sense of calm, but also a natural change to behavior that wasn’t challenging or forced. I see this application as a valuable tool for gaining deeper insight into self and in aiding to change unproductive patterns.”
~ Jasmin C.


“Self-Therapy Journey was recommended to me by my counselor. I didn’t really know what I was getting into but it turned out to be an eye-opening experience and very beneficial to me. I didn’t realize I had the Conflict-Avoiding Pattern, or exactly what that meant even, until I went though the steps of the web application. Now that I better understand my behavior, I can use this self-guided therapy to help me work on improving myself.”
~ Christine


“I used Self-Therapy Journey to modify a tendency of mine to be judgmental. With a relatively little amount of work, I was able to become more aware of this tendency in my daily life and reduce its occurrence considerably. The benefits have been considerable. Bravo to Dr. Earley for developing this helpful innovation.”
~ Michael Karp


“The interesting thing about resolving a long-standing pattern or issue is that it is later hard to recall exactly how it really was. Having worked through a pattern of judging and blaming using Self-Therapy Journey, I notice many areas of my life where there is now more ease and inner care. Events that would have triggered the old pattern now hold less charge and I am able to step back from old ways of thinking and behaving and attend to what I really need in each moment. This has helped my become more empowered in how I respond in the world and much kinder towards myself and others.
I found the application structured in such a way as to provide emotional and psychological support as well as encouraging my own inner knowing about the next right step for healing. I loved being able to move backwards and forwards through the program to really take in and process the healings and insights.”
~Leona Dawson


“I am grateful to have discovered Self-Therapy Journey and in the short time I have been using it, I feel I have benefited. Though I have read many self-help books, none of them have impacted me as much as this program. The Pattern System and IFS help me to see the big picture—to understand and investigate the parts of me that are responsible for behavior that up till now confused me. The program is complete and easy to understand. I look forward to using it as I discover my many parts and bring them into the light. What a gift this application is to the world!”
~ Una Wan, M.D.


“I started testing a pattern that I didn’t fit me very well but then discovered one that really did. I became fully engaged emotionally while exploring the Wounds, and the journey unfolded from there in a quite powerful way. It is impressive that this tool was so helpful to me considering that I have done ample self-work for over 25 years. I imagine that this tool would be exceedingly helpful to someone less experienced.
Things I found most helpful:
* Naming and definition of the Not-Seen wound, which I had never seen formulated so simply, clearly and powerfully.
* Working with parts as characters—discovering names, images, and even personalities. Talking to them directly in the guided meditations.
* The combination of explanations and guided meditations. The former promote rational understanding and the latter non-rational experience and integration of the material.
Overall, a really great experience!”
~ Faith Curtin, MA, Clinical Psychology


“The guided meditations were the best part of Self-Therapy Journey. I felt lighter when I recovered and released a significant childhood memory as part of addressing the Abandonment Wound. The Inner Champion meditations were very powerful in reminding me of my support systems and what I want to ask from my Inner Champion. These are great benefits. The capacity to name and create images at different stages was quite helpful in tailoring my learning. Walking through the stages was interesting and the overall insights from the box checking and summary report was much more useful than I expected!”
~ Karma Ruder


“This application helped me to work out my People Pleasing tendencies with my employees and my supervisor. I liked the lists of feelings and behaviors because they gave me a place to check in with myself about each of them to see if I was improving or if I still am falling into old habits. I also appreciated being able to create an action plan that I could quickly apply to my situation.”
~ MW, Manager


“I became more at ease with Self-Therapy Journey the more time I spent with it. I was able to yield more to the process and accept it for what it is. It isn’t therapy; it is more independent work. It was powerful, in a simple way, to choose a name for my part and then have it show up in the text. I began to own the process more. I didn’t feel so alone because my own words and images came back and spoke to me. I found comfort and insight that was meaningful. The application is structured, but there is a fluidity to it because you bring your own perspective and it is incorporated into the reports. The meditations were really good. Overall it was very helpful. I plan to continue to work with and apply what I learned in Self-Therapy Journey.”
~ Deborah J. Devlin M.Ed. LSW, Behavioral Health Therapist


“I used the practice plan in my real life and it helped a ton. I would not have done it if I hadn’t had the plan. Usually, instead of just saying what I need to say, I take twenty minutes to overly gently lay it out so the other person doesn’t get upset. In this instance, I was able to get out what I needed them to do for me and offer a benefit for them to do it. Without the fluffy words, what I want doesn’t get lost in the mix.”
~ Andrea King, Business Owner


“I have done so much self-help, but this is exciting. It feels really personal. When you read a book or something, the words are the same for everyone. But when you can choose your own options and checkboxes, you feel like “Yeah, this is me.” I really like all the possibilities that I get to look into to see what contributes to my patterns. I don’t usually expect a lot from online things, but this is very intricate.”
~ Sandy Formento, Psychotherapy Intern


“I believe Self-Therapy Journey is a great tool, especially for people like myself. Knowing that I can start and stop when I want, that I am not constrained by an appointment schedule, made me feel in control, and that is an important part in my healing process. The additional links to online material and meditation recordings make it easy to get all you need in one place. This is a wonderful idea.”
~ O.C., Belgium


“I found Self-Therapy Journey to be very useful for becoming aware of the limiting and negative internal patterns that drive my behavior in certain contexts. I was amazed with the online quiz that enabled me to determine the most likely patterns that I had. I recently worked on the Caretaker pattern which highlighted its influence in my life. After working with Self-Therapy Journey, I found that I could consciously choose to put a stop to the pattern, and step back from being unconsciously driven by it. The greatest benefit of using this application is its ability to reveal the hidden motivations behind our limiting patterns. I recommend it highly.”
~ Nick Lal, Personal Development Practitioner


“Self-Therapy Journey provides a much deeper level of work than I thought was possible online.
~ T.R., Dallas, TX


“I was amazed with the ease of use of the system and how quickly it helped to identify areas in which I was having difficulty. I found the guided mediations helpful and listened to them several times until I could understand the intention and allow the process to continue. My practice session turned out beautifully; allowing me to experience cooperation with other. I learned to re-state confusing feelings in an accepting and loving way towards myself and others. I now understand that all these various parts have been working hard to protect me and that it’s OK to let go of those that are no longer serving me in this present moment. I look forward to continuing my journey with gratitude for making this possible at this time in my life.
I’m deeply grateful to have found this online application of IFS, as it takes the confusion out of the process, and allows me to get to the tools before I act on the urge to shut down. The Self-Therapy Journey checklists, meditations, and self-soothing tools have taught me how to work with painful feelings that I have avoided for years.
~ Colleen A.