Social Contribution Coaching

How to Change the World without (Necessarily) being an Activist
Finding Your Life Purpose as a Contribution to the Great Turning

Jay Earley, PhD

Are you concerned about what’s going on in the world? Do you sense that there is something seriously wrong with our society? Do you want to make a difference?

I keep hearing from people who want to contribute to a better world but don’t know how. You can broaden the way you think about changing the world if you realize that we are at a historical time of transformation called the Great Turning. Since everything about our society needs to change, there are many options for contributing. In addition to activist and political work, you can have an important effect on society by changing your worldview, consciousness, and the way you live your life, and by creating healthy alternatives to existing social structures. Most important, you can contribute by finding your life purpose, your calling, your passion.

The best way to find your contribution to social transformation is by exploring your life purpose. I believe that each of us has a mission, unique gifts to give to the world, based on our particular talents and personal qualities, our lifetime learnings, and our heartfelt concerns and passions. When you discover your passion and your purpose in life, you will have found the key to a meaningful, happy life and to making your greatest contribution to healing our planet.

If you are concerned about the planetary crisis, your life purpose will naturally be related to planetary transformation. It may not look like something “political.” Its impact may not be obvious. But it will be the most valuable help you can provide. After all, you will be using all of you. What could be more potent than that?

And by making your contribution as part of a larger social movement for transformation, you can redouble its impact and truly make a difference in the world.

If you are being held back from knowing or actualizing your Life Purpose and social contribution by psychological blocks, I can help you work through these blocks using Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS).

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In August, 2016, I did some coaching sessions with people looking to find their contribution to social transformation, and I was thrilled to see that many of them received significant help in just one session. This prompted me to begin offering Social Contribution Coaching to help more people. This is actually a return to work from my past, since I used to do Life Purpose Coaching, which included Social Contribution Coaching.

You have a choice of doing a single session or, for more in depth work, a series of 4-8 sessions.

Cost: Sliding scale $180 – $100/hr.

My Background
In addition to my books and classes on IFS and self-therapy, I published Transforming Human Culture: Social Evolution and the Planetary Crisis. In the past, I was active with Interhelp and Psychotherapists for Social Responsibility, and I am now involved with the Pachamama Alliance. In the past, I did Life Purpose Coaching and trained coaches in my approach.