Social Movement Section

Jay Earley, PhD

Summary of Social Movement Proposal

We are undergoing a planetary crisis, which is moving us toward a historical transformation of society, which has been called the Great Turning. Our collective psyche is erupting with signs and portents of this new way of being, built on a foundation of cooperation, interconnectedness, and an interest in the inner life and spirituality. It will also involve cultural and racial diversity, social justice, human scale institutions, and reverence for the earth.

There is a social movement with the Great Turning as its goal, but it is not coordinated or widely known. Many of the groups who I see as part of this movement don’t see themselves this way.

Here is an 8-part vision for the movement:

  • Wake people up to the danger and urgency of the moment.
  • Protect the earth, people, and democracy.
  • Provide a vision of a transformed society and how to get there.
  • Develop a regenerative movement culture with loving, empowered members.
  • Aid in the transformation of worldviews and values.
  • Create social, ecological, professional, and economic alternatives.
  • Collaborate with movement organizations and publicize the movement.
  • Transform governance.

I have started the Great Turning Network, whose mission is to train people for this movement, and also to provide vision for and catalyze the movement  This organization will be built around small Great Turning Groups which will involve not only political action but also consciousness raising, study, capacity development (such as leadership, communication, and collaboration), personal growth, group bonding, and support for each person finding their contribution to the Great Turning.

This section of the website fleshes this out in much more detail.

The Planetary Crisis and the Great Turning. A discussion of what has gone wrong with the world and the need for whole-system social transformation.

A Social Movement for the Great Turning  A discussion of how we need whole-system transformation of society and how a social movement is the key to this happening.

Qualities of the Great Turning Movement. What qualities will be needed for a successful movement?

Movements that are Part of the Great Turning Movement. A look at how these movements are contributing to the Great Turning and how they could contribute even more.

The Climate Movement and the Great Turning Movement. A discussion of the relationship between the climate movement and the Great Turning Movement.

Attitudes and Processes in the Great Turning Movement. A discussion of some attitudes that are needed for the movement to be successful–the process view, appreciation of other perspectives, fun, decision-making and power, spirituality, and experimenting.

Difficulties the Movement for the Great Turning Will Face. A discussion of various problems the movement will have to deal with–lack of time, attacks from the establishment, right-wing demagogues, and breakdown/collapse.

Developing a Regenerative Culture for the Great Turning Movement. Explore how the movement needs to be based on a regenerative culture that brings to life the culture that is emerging in the new era of social evolution.

An 8-Part Vision for the Great Turning Movement  A more detailed description of how the Great Turning Movement might operate and succeed.

Breakout Sections from “A Social Movement for the Great Turning” This article got too long, so I selected various pieces of it to make into separate pages, which you can choose to read or not. They are linked to from the article, and they are collected on this page.

Finding Your Life Purpose as a Contribution to the Great Turning  How to discover your unique calling to contribute to social transformation.

Readings on Finding Your Contribution to Social Transformation  A variety of additional articles on finding your life purpose an a agent of the Great Turning.

Visions of a Transformed Society  Various ideas for what a regenerative society might look like in the Next Era, many of which are already being put into action.

Principles of a Regenerative Society. A discussion of the underlying principles that are evident in the new society that is emerging.

Great Turning Groups. Inner Work for the World. Small groups that involve consciousness raising, study, capacity development, group bonding, resolving trauma, support for each person finding their life purpose, and much more.

Understanding Worldviews. Looking at the worldviews of the Modern Era, the Medieval Era, and emerging Regenerative Era. To help you explore your cultural story and see how it might align with the Regenerative Era.

Unexamined Assumptions that Perpetuate the Modern Era Worldview. To help you understand where you might still be stuck in the Modern story, so you can orient your worldview to the Regenerative Era.

Movements that are Part of the Great Turning Movement A discussion of various social movements and how they are contributing or could contribute to the Great Turning.

The Climate Movement and the Great Turning  The climate movement is the most urgent of all because our short-term survival is at risk. This article discusses how this relates to the Great Turning.

How IFS Fosters Regenerative Era Consciousness. Internal Family Systems Therapy implicitly promotes many of the values of the Regenerative Era.