STJ Inner Critic Course

Welcome to the Course: Transforming Your Inner Critic using IFS and Self-Therapy Journey

I am Jay Earley, the leader of this course. Please look over the orientation page to get you going with the course. Then each week, I will post a module for that week’s material for you to read and watch, and the link to that module will appear.

(Please notice the three links at the bottom of the page, for donating, getting help, or giving me feedback.)

Orientation to the Course

Week 1 Module: Introduction to Inner Critic Work

Week 2 Module: Introduction to Self-Therapy Journey

Week 3 Module: IFS and Your Inner Critic

Week 4 Module: Getting to Know Your Inner Critic and Discovering its Positive Intent

Week 5 Module: Exploring the Emotional Wounds Behind Your Inner Critic

Week 6 Module: Developing the Healthy Capacity that Replaces Your Inner Critic

Week 7 Module: Working Through the Fears and Conflicts Behind Your Inner Critic

Week 8 Module: A Real-Time Practice for Activating a Healthy Capacity Instead of Your Inner Critic

Week 9 Module: Conclusion and Next Steps

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