New Interactive Groups by Videoconference

Interactive GroupsFor the first time ever, I am excited to announce that I will be leading interactive groups by videoconference, so you can participate from anywhere in the world! I have been leading in-person groups like since 1978, but now, with the advent of videoconference technology, it is possible to have Interactive Groups online where we can see each other. So I am starting two new Interactive Groups.

Interactive Groups can improve your ability to relate:

  • in a love relationship
  • with family
  • with friends
  • on the job
  • in social settings 

An Interactive Group can help you . . .

  • Develop your capacity for intimacy and learn how to make a love relationship work
  • Become more assertive
  • Become more outgoing and socially comfortable
  • Learn what you may be doing to keep your relationships from being satisfying
  • Understand and trust people of the opposite sex . . . or of the same sex
  • Learn how to deal with anger and conflict constructively
  • Become part of a loving community of people
  • Raise your self-esteem
  • Get in touch with your personal power 

You can learn these relationship skills:

  • Being in touch with your feelings and expressing them
  • Reaching out to others confidently
  • Saying ”No” firmly
  • Allowing yourself to be open and vulnerable
  • Expressing yourself forcefully and spontaneously
  • Being comfortable relating to a group of people
  • Asking for what you really want
  • Having the courage to bring up difficult issues
  • Empathizing with others 

What Happens

  • You work directly on how you are relating to the other group members . . . in the moment. Instead of just talking about how you relate in your life, you practice interacting with others right in the group and get help as you do.
  • You get direct and honest feedback on how people are reacting to you.
  • The group provides a safe place for you to try out new, healthy ways of relating to people.
  • You learn how to feel your emotional responses while interacting with people
  • You learn how communicate openly, clearly, and assertively.
  • You learn how to access and work with the parts of you that get triggered in interactions with people, using IFS.
  • You discover your ways of relating that aren’t working for you , so you can experiment with changing them in the group.
  • You can share your life issues and struggles with the group.
  • You see other people struggling with problems similar to yours, and through this you learn about yourself and others.
  • There is a strong sense of support for each person and a warm feeling of community in the group. 

The Interactive Group Experience, a detailed article on what it is like to be in an interactive group. 


Testers Needed for New Quizzes

I have created three new quizzes, and I need people to test them for me.Quiz

Two of the quizzes are on healthy capacities.

Taking the quizzes will help you understand which healthy capacities (in the Pattern System) you might want to work on developing or developing more.

Healthy capacities are things like Assertiveness, Self-Esteem, or Cooperation.

The third quiz is on emotional wounds. It will help you determine which emotional wounds from childhood you have. Examples of wounds are Abandonment, Shame, or Betrayal. 

I need feedback on the wording of the questions and also on whether or not the scores you get seem to reflect what you know about yourself.

If you are interested in helping me test one or more of the quizzes, send me an email at and let me know. Please include your phone number or Skype name and your time zone.