One-Meeting Interactive Group – January 27


Interactive Group of PeopleThis group provides an opportunity to learn what an Interactive Group is like by participating in one. It is also a chance to explore how you relate to people you are just meeting.

What do you go through emotionally when you are meeting new people?

Most of us feel some nervousness and also some excitement.

There are a variety of ways that people deal with this. Some people hang back and say very little. Some tell entertaining stories so they will be liked. Others act friendly and caring to make other people feel comfortable. Almost all of us try to hide our discomfort.

In a Drop-In Interactive Group, you can be totally honest about your feelings. Everyone is encouraged to share their moment-to-moment experience with the group. It’s a big risk but very exciting!

A small group of people meets to practice awareness, honesty, and connection. Using IFS (Internal Family Systems Therapy), we practice speaking for our parts rather than as our parts. This means being in Self (a calm, caring place) and talking about how a part of you is reacting in the moment, as opposed to dumping your feelings on other people. This helps you to communicate in a more effective manner, and it also makes the group safe for everyone.

I facilitate the group, helping you to tune into what you are experiencing and speak your truth. You may tell others honestly and directly how you are feeling toward them.

We create an atmosphere of caring and trust so that this can be done in a safe, connected way. You also have a chance to get honest feedback from people on how they are responding to you.

The group meets by videoconference, so we can all see each other.

Wednesday, Jan. 27
10am – 12 noon pacific time (1-3pm eastern, 6-8pm UK)
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