Drop-In Interactive/IFS Group

Drop In IFS Interactive GroupThis drop-in group is designed to give you an idea of how Interactive/IFS Groups operate, including the Therapists Interactive/IFS Group and the regular Interactive/IFS Group.

In an Interactive/IFS Group, you can be totally honest about your feelings. Everyone is encouraged to share their moment-to-moment experience with the group. It’s a big risk but very exciting!

A small group of people meets to practice awareness, honesty, and connection. Using IFS (Internal Family Systems Therapy), we practice speaking for our parts rather than as our parts. This means being in Self (a calm, caring place) and talking about how a part of you is reacting in the moment, as opposed to dumping your feelings on other people. This helps you to communicate in a more effective manner, and it also makes the group safe for everyone.

I facilitate the group, helping you to tune into what you are experiencing and speak your truth. You may tell others honestly and directly how you are feeling toward them. We create an atmosphere of caring and trust so that this can be done in a safe, connected way. You also have a chance to get honest feedback from people on how they are responding to you.

Since this is a drop-in group, you will be mainly dealing with what you go through emotionally when you are meeting new people (though my Interactive Groups are long-term ongoing groups and much more than that happens in them).

The group meets by videoconference, so we can all see each other.

Tuesday, Sept. 12
4:30-6:30 pm pacific time (7:30-9:30 eastern)
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Interactive/IFS Couples Group

The Interactive/IFS Couples group is for couples who want to enhance their relationship, learn to communicate skillfully, resolve conflicts, and deepen their intimacy.

An Interactive Group can help you . . .

  • Develop your capacity for intimacy and learn how to make a love relationship work
  • Become more assertive
  • Learn what you may be doing to keep your relationships from being satisfying
  • Learn how to deal with anger and conflict constructively
  • Become part of a loving community of people
  • Raise your self-esteem

You can learn these relationship skills:

  • Being in touch with your feelings and expressing them
  • Speaking for your parts, not acting them out
  • Reaching out to others confidently
  • Saying “No” firmly
  • Allowing yourself to be open and vulnerable
  • Expressing yourself forcefully and spontaneously
  • Being comfortable relating to a group of people
  • Asking for what you really want
  • Having the courage to bring up difficult issues
  • Empathizing with others

What Happens

  • You work directly on how you are relating to the other group members and your partner in the moment.
  • You get direct and honest feedback on how people are reacting to you.
  • The group provides a safe place for you to try out new, healthy ways of relating to your partner.
  • You learn how to feel your emotional responses and identify the parts that are activated while interacting with your partner and other group members
  • You learn how communicate openly, clearly, and assertively.
  • You discover your ways of relating that aren’t working for you, so you can experiment with changing them in the group.
  • You see other people struggling with problems similar to yours, and through this you learn about yourself and others.
  • There is a strong sense of support for each person and a warm feeling of community in the group.

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You will be doing interactive work with your partner and also with the other members of the group. When you do interact with your partner, you will get feedback afterwards from the other group members, so you can learn more about the dynamics of your relationship. You will also learn about your interpersonal patterns through the work you do with other group members, which will help you in your relationship.

I will periodically do some teaching about IFS, communication in conflict situations, and how parts trigger each other iinn couple’s arguments.

If you are having serious problems in your relationship, this group is not for you. Couples therapy would be more appropriate.


The groups meet by videoconference, so we all can see each other, which enhances the group connection. The groups meet twice a month, and you meet with me for an individual consultation on the group every 3 months. Each meeting is recorded, so if you miss one, you can watch the recording.

The groups are limited to 8 people. It is ongoing, so once you join, you are expected to attend all sessions until you choose to leave, though each session is recorded, so if you have to miss one, you can watch the recording.

Second and fourth Thursdays of each month
4:30-6:30 pm pacific time (7:30-9:30 pm eastern)
Starts Oct. 13

Cost: $120/month/person, including consultations

Email me at earley.jay@gmail.com for more information or to schedule a free pre-group interview.