Bundles of IFS Guided Meditations and IFS Demonstration Sessions

In our online store, we have many different audio products, including IFS Guided Meditations and IFS Demonstration Sessions.

We have recently added a variety of new meditations and a few new demo sessions. In addition, we are now bundling together groups of meditations and demo sessions that naturally go together. This way you can purchase a bundle for less than you would spend if you bought all the meditations or demo sessions separately.

New Easy to Use Technology

In addition, we now have new technology in our store which makes it much easier to get these products with multiple audios. Instead of trying to download them, you can just log onto a part of the store where you can access your audios. From there, you can listen to any one you want or download it. You can log on as many times as you want to listen to or watch the products you have purchased.

Here are the bundles:

All Demonstrations of IFS SessionsIFS Demo Sessions

  • Inner Critic Sessions
  • Steps in the IFS Process
  • IFS Sessions
  • Eating Issues Sessions
  • All IFS Sessions


Meditations for Steps of the IFS ProcessIFS Guided Meditations

  • Eating Issues Meditations
  • Pattern Meditations – Interpersonal Patterns
  • Pattern Meditations – Non-Interpersonal Patterns
  • Inner Champion Meditations
  • Inner Critic Inner Champion Meditations
  • Steps in the IFS Process Meditations