Do You Have Conflict in Love Relationships?

Jay Earley, Ph.D.

Do you find yourself having too many fights with your spouse or lover? Do you end up screaming at each other? Or does one of you withdraw and the other feel abandoned? Do you end up distant or sniping at each other for days? Do you seem to have the same old fights over and over? Sometimes your rights aren’t even about important issues, but they keep happening. And they are destroying the beautiful love that you once had!

If you answered yes to some of these questions, you aren’t alone. Conflicts like this are the biggest source of problems in love relationships. It is a very common issue that affects many couples.

Does your partner act awful? Certainly not the wonderful person you fell in love with. Who is that shut-down stone? Who is that nasty shamer? He or she comes out with these awful statements that cut you to the quick. [Read more…]