IFS Experiential Evening in Bay Area

Please join Lynne Michelson, MSW, CPCC for an IFS Experiential Evening in the Bay area.

  • Potent and elegant model for more presence, calm, creativity, and intimacy
  • Direct way to dis-entangle confusion & pain into spaciousness and resilience

Register for Free Evening here
Monday September 30th
or contact Lynne at lynne.michelson@gmail.com / 415-472-8501.

Discovering Your Inner GPS

Like a map to a new city, IFS is a sort of inner GPS that helps us explore both tricky and painful feelings and also help us move into a calm, clear, and connected place. This ability to experience both at the same time is similar to watching a sped up version of a glass of muddy water resting, and when the muck has settled down, the glass contains mostly clear transparent liquid. Like the muddy water, we are sometimes stirred up and when we use the IFS process, the clearing brings relaxation and understanding, and a potential for a new capacity for intimacy and creativity. We can begin to trust ourselves even in confusing experiences, as we rely internally on a sense of empowered Self within.

6 Mondays IFS Class (Max 12 participants)—IFS in Community
Starts October 7th 7:30-9:30 pm
To register for 6 week IFS class ($230) go here

“I came to see Lynne after my divorce because I wanted to be conscious in my process of finding a life partner. Without Lynne I would not have seen that there were roadblocks in my life to having a healthy relationship for she brought tools from her life experience, her training, and an excellent catalog of materials that she shares with me during every session.  Her warmth and encouragement keep me moving forward and positive, but her knowledge and resources are also boundless.”
Marcy H.

IFS (Internal Family Systems Therapy) was developed by Richard Schwartz, PhD. For more information, go to www.selfleadership.org