Self-Therapy Journey Demonstration Webinar

Self-TherapyJourneyLogoSelf-Therapy Journey (STJ) is an online tool for psychological exploration and healing. You get the life-changing power of psychotherapy for a tiny fraction of the cost.

This free webinar will help you learn about STJ to decide if they want to use it. I will provide an overview of STJ and a demonstration of how to use it on the web, which will include almost every page. I will also answer questions about STJ.

You can think of STJ as a very sophisticated and interactive set of self-help books, plus guided meditations and customized reports. It is based on the Pattern System and Internal Family Systems Therapy. Check it out at

Tuesday, Aug. 25
4:30-6:30 PM pacific time (7:30-9:30 PM eastern time)
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Feel free to register even if you can’t make that time. A replay of the webinar will be sent to you afterwards.

What can you do with Self-Therapy Journey?

  • Understand yourself psychologically
  • Resolve problems like procrastination, shyness, or anger
  • Gain self-confidence, strength, openness
  • Transform behavior patterns, such as dependency or people-pleasing
  • Achieve intimacy, success, contentment

 How does Self-Therapy Journey work?

  • You take charge of your growth, in private, at your convenience
  • There are guided meditations for healing your emotional wounds
  • You get a customized report for each pattern, wound, and capacity
  • You engage in homework practices to change your behavior
  • You systematically work on your issues and track your progress

What Users are Saying

Self-Therapy Journey is brilliant. It’s been an absolutely great experience to use it. Every time I had a thought like, “What about this?” there was something in the online system to handle it. — Athena Murphy

I think Self-Therapy Journey is immensely helpful. You can go as deep as you’re willing or want to go. — Elizabeth Moulton, Clinical Psychologist

The problems that I worked on using Self-Therapy Journey have been resolved. — Cathy Duke, Licensed Counselor

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