Finding Your Life Purpose

Life PurposeAsk these questions about your Life Purpose. What is your life really all about? In addition to the natural pursuit of security, pleasure, love, and recognition, what is it that gives your life meaning?

In those times when the give and take of everyday life fade for a moment–in the middle of the night, in the sauna, walking alone in the woods, meditating–in those times when you think about deeper questions, what moves you? When you feel a need to be part of something larger than yourself, what calls to you? What is your particular gift to the world?

These are crucial questions for us all. Even if you’ve never thought about it, you operate out of some understanding of the meaning of your life. If you are approaching mid-life or if you’re in a time of crisis and transition, this issue may be just emerging into your consciousness. If you have reached the point in your psychological development where your basic needs are being met, you may find these broader questions becoming an important priority.

I define life purpose as a contribution to the world that uses your whole self fully and gives your life passion, fulfillment, and meaning through dedication to something larger than yourself. It might be work for social transformation; it might be service to people who are in need; it might be living from an attitude of love, or unleashing your creativity, or developing your highest spiritual potential.

I believe that everyone has a life purpose to be created or discovered. It seems clear that at a certain level of psychological development people need to identify and manifest this purpose. Being blocked in this area can lead to apathy, depression, despair, and a variety of other psychological symptoms. It can even lead to physical symptoms. And finding and fulfilling your life purpose can lead to pleasure and satisfaction of a depth that is unmatched by more self-oriented pursuits.

I have been interested in the question of Life Purpose for a long time. I have explored my own life purpose many times throughout my life, and finding it has been intensely rewarding. I used to offer Life Purpose Coaching, so I have lots of experience helping people discover theirs. I am especially interested in helping people to find their contribution to transforming society as an expression of their life purpose. I will soon be offering a webinar and teleseminars on this topic.