Teleseminar: Transforming Your Relationship Patterns

Conflict Care and LoveTuesday
March 4, 2014
4:30-6:30 PM Pacific time (7:30-9:30 Eastern time)

Find out why your relationships get mired in conflicts, power struggles, distancing, or deadness rather than providing the love and caring you want? This teleseminar will help you understand your problematic relationship patterns and those of your current or past partners. For example, are you Dependent, People-Pleasing, or Conflict-Avoiding? Is your partner Controlling, Passive-Aggressive, or Distancing? It will also help you discover how to cultivate the healthy capacities that make relationships work, for example, Self-Support, Assertiveness, Intimacy, Cooperation, and Caring.

This teleseminar covers four of the most important interpersonal dimensions in the Pattern System—Intimacy, Conflict, Power, and Care. It is based on the newly published book Conflict, Care, and Love: Transforming Your Relationship Patterns. For more information on this book, click

The patterns and capacities in these dimensions deal with how you relate to all people in your life, and they are especially relevant for love relationships.

Learn how to work through patterns of yours that get in the way of healthy relating. Learn how to deal with your partner’s patterns. If you are a therapist or coach, learn how to understand your clients’ patterns and how to help them. IFS provides powerful tools for transforming problematic patterns which integrate beautifully with the Pattern System.

This call will be a webinar, in that I will point you to various graphics about these dimensions of the Pattern System on the web, so plan to have access to a computer or tablet, if possible. We will be looking at

If there is enough interest, I will offer a 6-week phone course on this topic.

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