The Inner Process Dimension of the Pattern System

I have recently been adding more dimensions, patterns, and capacities to the Pattern System. In fact, I have created a new Dimension Group, the Intrapersonal Dimension Group. This covers patterns and capacities that primarily come up during inner work. They don’t show up so much in our external behavior. Here is a graphic for this new group:

Intrapersonal Dimension Dimension Group

The Inner Process Dimension

In this article, I will focus on just one of these dimensions, the Inner Process Dimension, which you can see on the bottom row of this chart. This dimension relates to your process in doing inner work, especially IFS work. The two healthy capacities in this dimension are Mindfulness and Focus. With the Mindfulness Capacity, you are open to whatever emotions, sensations, thoughts, or parts are emerging in your consciousness. You are aware of them and how they feel, and you welcome them all. Mindfulness is a Freedom Capacity (see the headings at the top of the columns) because it supports your being free to notice whatever arises in consciousness.

With the Focus Capacity, you are able to maintain your concentration on whatever part you have chosen to work on even though you are open to new parts that arise. You still notice these other parts arise, but you don’t get sidetracked by them, unless you make a conscious decision to switch your attention to a different part. Focus in an Order Capacity because it helps to keep your process in order.

A dysfunctional version of Mindfulness is the Scattered Pattern, where you allow many different parts to arise and you end up chasing one and then another and you don’t get much You are always trying to work with a new part and you never get very far in your process with the target part that you have chosen to work with. The Puppet Master Pattern is a variant on the Scattered Pattern, where there in one part, the Puppet Master, who is orchestrating the arising of many different parts in order to keep you scattered so you don’t get anywhere. These are Loose Patterns because they involve too much looseness in your process.

The other extreme is the Rigid Pattern, which is a Tight Pattern, where you keep your focus on the target part that you have chosen, but at expense of not allowing yourself to even notice other parts that may arise. So you may keep on track, but you lose the richness of what is actually happening, and you miss some important parts that may be undermining your process without your knowledge.

The Pattern System is a breakthrough in understanding personality, a Periodic Table for psychology, created by Jay Earley, PhD. It is a systematic approach to understanding your personality oriented toward psychological healing and personal growth.