The San Francisco Level 1 Training

“I learned more than I can express about myself, the human experience, healing and resilience of the soul.”

~ IFS Graduate

Level 1 Curriculum and Format

As a Level 1 participant you will have the opportunity to learn about IFS theory and technique, gaining both the conceptual understanding and practical skills you need to effectively use it with individuals, couples, children, families and groups.  You will also benefit from the myriad opportunities IFS offers for personal development.

IFS trainings feature lectures, discussions, demonstrations, experiential exercises and small group supervision and practice sessions. This Level 1 training meets for six weekends over a 10 month period.  Upon successful completion of the training, participants receive Certificates of Completion and become eligible to pursue IFS Certification.

The San Francisco Trainers

Cece Sykes, LCSW, and Paul Ginter, EdD, are two of our most experienced IFS Lead Trainers.  Training participants will also benefit from the work of Assistant Trainer Mariel Pastor, MA, LMFT, and the commitment of several Program Assistants.  Together, this training staff will provide you with six productive and insightful weekends of IFS training.

From IFS Graduates:

“Cece’s presentations were focused, responsive, sensitive and constantly insightful.  I loved her sense of humor, spontaneity and the way she was present to each of us.”

“Paul is a wonderful leader and instructor.  I enjoy his teaching style and clarity.  His compassion and respect are contagious.”

“Mariel’s teaching style is clear, comfortable and trustworthy.  She embodies Self-leadership wonderfully.”

The Schedule

This training will begin on April 29, 2011, and end in February 2012.

The Location

Mercy Center is an internationally known conference and retreat center located in the San Francisco Bay area.  This is a popular site for IFS trainings where participants enjoy single rooms, a serene setting, and easy access from San Francisco.

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