Transforming Your Inner Critic using IFS and Self-Therapy Journey

A 9-Week Online Course

Jay Earley, PhD

The Inner Critic is the part of you that judges you, pushes you, and undermines your self-confidence. It can make you feel worthless, ashamed, guilty, depressed, or inadequate. Actually, you probably have more thInner Critic imagean one Inner Critic part, each of which judges you for something different or in a different way. I have learned how to best work with these difficult parts using Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) in order to transform them into inner allies.

IFS is a cutting-edge psychotherapy model that has been shown by peer-reviewed research to be effective in treating psychological issues. Click here to learn more about it. Many people can use IFS successfully on their own, without a therapist, and I have put together a step-by-step IFS procedure for transforming your Inner Critic and developing self-confidence. This is explained in my book, Freedom from Your Inner Critic.

These Inner Critic parts aren’t quite what they seem to be. They are actually trying to help and protect you even though their effect is to harm you. In this course, you will learn how to work with your Inner Critics using IFS to make friends with them and then transform them.

In this course, you will learn about the seven types of Inner Critic parts—the Taskmaster, Perfectionist, Inner Controller, Underminer, Guilt Tripper, Conformist, and Destroyer—and discover which ones are the most harmful to you. If you haven’t already, you can take a quiz to learn which of these types are more trouble for you.

You will learn how to discovercover photo the exiles (wounded inner child parts) that are being protected by your Inner Critic and how to heal them in order to free up your Critic from its judgmental job. You will discover how to develop your Inner Champion, which is the healthy part of you that can support and encourage you in the face of Inner Critic attacks.

This work will help you develop Self-Esteem, Ease, Pleasure, Aliveness, Courage, and other healthy capacities that have been blocked by y
our Inner Critics.


This course uses Self-Therapy Journey (STJ), a web program based on IFS that has a module for Inner Critic work. You will be taught a step-by-step approach for using STJ to transform your Inner Critic, over 9-weeks. Click here to look over STJ if you like.

Each week you will receive articles, videos, links to web pages, homework, and other material for taking that week’s step in the process.

You will meet weekly with a group of about 12 people who are taking the course. In this group, you can share what is happening with your Inner Critic work, learn from other people, find a buddy to partner with in doing your homework and using STJ (if you want), and get your questions answered (both technical and psychological).

You will be paired up with different people in your small group to help you find someone to buddy with. Click here for details about this.

There will also be a large online meeting of everyone taking the course near the beginning and another at the end of the course. (You can watch a recording of these meetings if you can’t attend.)

There will be an online forum for the entire class where you can share your experience in working on your Inner Critics, get questions answered, and learn from other participants.


The class meets from the week of May 23 to the week of July 25, but the small groups don’t start until the week of May 30.

Large group meetings: Tuesday, May 31 and Thursday, July 28, 5-6 pm pacific time (8-9 pm eastern). These will be recorded in case you can’t make these times.

You will be given a choice of many different times for your small group meeting. They will start the week of May 30.


  1. Donation of what you can afford. Click here for details.
  2. Self-Therapy Journey costs between $14.50 and $80 for two months. Click here for details.
  3. You might choose to pay $50 for an interview to get access to the stage of STJ for working on childhood emotional wounds.  Click here for details.


Click here to enroll for the course for free.

Small Group Leadership

The small groups will be led by volunteers who have skills for leading a meeting and perhaps some knowledge of IFS. Click here if you might want to volunteer for this.