Webinar July 30: A Social Movement for the Great Turning

In this free webinar, I will discuss the social movement for the Great Turning, and how it can be more potent, coordinated, and known to the public.

Planetary Crisis

We are undergoing a planetary crisis, which is moving us toward a historical transformation of society, which has been called the Great Turning. Our collective psyche is erupting with signs and portents of this new way of being, built on a foundation of cooperation, interconnectedness, and an interest in the inner life and spirituality. It will also involve cultural and racial diversity, social justice, human scale institutions, and reverence for the earth.

Vision of the Movement

There is a social movement with the Great Turning as its goal, but it is not coordinated or widely known. Many of the groups who I see as part of this movement don’t see themselves this way.

Here is an 8-part vision for the movement:

  • Wake people up to the danger and urgency of the moment.
  • Protect the earth, people, and democracy.
  • Provide a vision of a transformed society and how to get there.
  • Develop a regenerative movement culture with loving, empowered members.
  • Aid in the transformation of worldviews and values.
  • Create social, ecological, professional, and economic alternatives.
  • Collaborate with movement organizations and publicize the movement.
  • Transform governance.

A Social Movement for the Great Turning

Great Turning Network

I have started the Great Turning Network, whose mission is to train people for this movement, and also to provide vision for and catalyze the movement. You could get involved with this organization.

Free Webinar
Tuesday, July 30
4:30-6:30 pm pacific time
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Feel free to enroll in this webinar even if you can’t make it. I will send out a replay afterwards.

This webinar is the first in a series of three. (2) will be on visions of a transformed, regenerative society. (3) will be on the small Great Turning Groups that will be the foundation of the Great Turning Network.