Week 1: Introduction to Inner Critic Work

Welcome to the module for Week 1.
This week you will learn about Inner Critic parts, how we can understand them using IFS, and the seven types of Inner Critics. You will take a quiz to learn which Critics are most trouble for you.

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Understanding Your Inner Critic Using IFS
An introductory article on the Inner Critic, how to operates in the human psyche, and how to transform it.

Video on the Inner Critic and IFS
A video of Jay explaining how IFS helps you to transform your Inner Critic.

Summary of the Seven Types of Inner Critics
A short summary of the seven types of Inner Critics.

Chapter on the Seven Types of Critics
A chapter from Freedom From Your Inner Critic, describing the seven types of Critics in more detail.

Homework Exercise

Week 1 Meeting Guide
A guide for leading the Week 1 small group meeting.

Inner Critic Quiz
If you haven’t already, take a quiz to determine which of the seven types of Inner Critics are the most trouble for you. If you haven’t already registered for STJ, you be required to register to take the quiz. Registration is free and is different from enrolling in STJ, which costs.


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