Week 3: IFS and Your Inner Critic

Welcome to the module for Week 3.

This week you will learn about Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS), and you will continue exploring the Inner Critic pattern you are working on.

Please click on each link below to learn about and work on that material. Each page opens in a new window/tab, so when you are finished with it, just close the window/tab, and this page will still be open.

Introduction to IFS
An article introducing IFS.

Understanding Your Parts
The first video in a 3 part series on the power of IFS.

The Power of Parts Work
The second video in this series.

Working with a Part
The third video in this series.

Stage 1 Inner Critic Video: Part 1
A video demonstrating how to work with the first steps in Stage 1 of STJ on your Inner Critic Pattern.

Do the First Segment of Stage 1
Do the first segment of Stage 1 for the Inner Critic Pattern you have chosen.

Demonstration IFS Session
Listen to a demonstration IFS session on an Inner Critic Part

Meeting Guide 3