Week 4 Module: Getting to Know Your Inner Critic and Discovering its Positive Intent

Welcome to the module for Week 4.

This week you will learn about how our Inner Critics have a positive intent in judging us. You will learn how to get to know an Inner Critic using IFS, and you will do the rest of the steps of Stage 1 of STJ with the Critic you chose to work on.

Please click on each link below to learn about and work on that material. Each page opens in a new window/tab, so when you are finished with it, just close the window/tab, and this page will still be open.

Your Critic’s Positive Intent
Your Inner Critic is actually trying to help and protect you. Learn about how different types of Critics try to do this.

Your Criticized Child
Learn about another part of you that receives the brunt of the attacks from Your Inner Critic.

Unblending from Your Critic and Criticized Child
Learn about unblending in IFS and how to get into Self with respect to your Critic.

Unblending from Your Inner Defender
Learn about the part of you that fights with the Critic and how to separate from it so you are in Self.

Stage 1 Inner Critic Video: Part 2
A video demonstrating how to work with the second half of Stage 1 of STJ on your Inner Critic Pattern.

Do the Last Segment of Stage 1
Do the second and last segment of Stage 1 for the Inner Critic Pattern you have chosen.

Meeting Guide 4

Doing IFS Sessions
If you have learned how to do IFS sessions, here’s how to integrate that knowledge with this course.