Week 5 Module: Exploring the Emotional Wounds Behind Your Inner Critic

Welcome to the module for Week 5.

This week you will learn about your emotional wounds from the past (usually from childhood) that underlie your Inner Critic parts and how to heal those wounds.

Please click on each link below to learn about and work on that material. Each page opens in a new window/tab, so when you are finished with it, just close the window/tab, and this page will still be open.

A wound in the Pattern System is the result of emotional pain or trauma, usually from childhood, that underlies the motivation for a pattern. Since Inner Critic parts are trying to protect you from pain, it is important to understand the wounds that they may be trying to protect you from.

The Criticized Child and the Protected Child
The Protected Child is an exile being protected by your Inner Critic. This article explains how this is different from the Criticized Child.

Stage 2 Inner Critic Video
A video demonstrating how to work with Stage 2 of STJ on your Inner Critic Pattern.

Do Stage 2
Do Stage 2 for the Inner Critic Pattern you have chosen.

Stage 2 Extras Inner Critic Video
A video demonstrating how to work with the extra three pages of Stage 2 for your Inner Critic Pattern.

Do the Stage 2 Extra Pages
There are three extra pages for Inner Critic Patterns. Do these pages for the Inner Critic you have chose to work with.

Week 5 Meeting Guide

Getting Access to Work on Emotional Wounds
In order to have access to the Stage of STJ where you work on your emotional wounds from the past, you need to have an access code. This page explains what this is about and how to get an access code, if you want. This is a repeat of a segment from Week 2 because it is important for this week’s work.