Week 7 Module: Working Through Fears and Conflicts Related to Your Inner Critic

Welcome to the module for Week 7.

This week you will enhance the possibility of transforming your Inner Critic by working through the fears and/or inner conflicts that underlie its motivation for attacking you.

Resolving Inner Conflicts
How to resolve an inner conflict (polarization in IFS) that is driving your Inner Critic pattern.

Negotiating for Self-Leadership
How to negotiate with an Inner Critic Part to allow you to lead from Self in a situation coming up in your life.

Stage 4 Inner Critic Video
A video demonstrating how to work with Stage 4 of STJ on your Inner Critic pattern.

Do Stage 4
Do Stage 4 for the Inner Critic pattern you have chosen.

Working on Other Patterns
How to handle the possibility of working on a different pattern than the Inner Critic pattern you started with.

Week 7 Meeting Guide