Week 9 Module: Conclusion and Next Steps

Welcome to the module for Week 9.

This week you will finish your Inner Critic Pattern and continue to do the real-time practice.

Video on Tracking Pages and IFS Resources
A video showing how to use the Tracking Pages and how to learn more about IFS.

Conclusion Stage Inner Critic Video and What to Work on Next
A video demonstrating how to do the Conclusion Stage of STJ on your Inner Critic pattern, and how to decide what other patterns, capacities, and wounds to work on next.

Do Conclusion Stage and Continue Real-Time Practice
Do Stage 5 for the Inner Critic pattern you have chosen.

Helping with Future STJ Inner Critic Classes
Let me know if you are intersted in being a small group leader.

Please give me feedback on how the class worked for you.

I have worked very hard on this class. Please consider a donation to cover my time and costs.

Week 9 Meeting Guide