What People are Saying about IFS

IFS puts together techniques from a lot of different therapies, such as TA and Voice Dialogue, into a new integrated method that goes much deeper. The changes and healing are subtle and profound.  I have felt my inner child grow up in a way that never happened so much and so quickly with any other model.
Sandy Therry, M. Couns., Perth, Western Australia

It is wonderful to start out knowing I have a true Self that is curious and compassionate, which is like a mediator between my parts. When I learned to access it, the IFS work just flowed. I kept practicing and it got easier to be there.
Sherry MacDonald, Saskatchewan, Canada

What is so powerful about IFS is that you learn about parts by interacting with them, just like with people. In fact, it is more than just learning about them. With parts I have already worked on, I learned new things that really helped alter my internal landscape. The relational exchange with my parts produced a continuing shift in my viewpoint.
Forrestine Paulay, New York

I love the non-rejecting aspect of the IFS method. It has such non-judgmental respect and compassion for all aspects of oneself built into the actual method. So while doing the IFS process I am naturally learning how to be this way, without trying to rev it up.
Jan Wilcox, New York

To understand IFS and have a model that I can follow has allowed me to disidentify from the parts of me that are reactive so I can look at them and understand them better. Seeing how some parts, though seemingly difficult (like anger, hatred or resentment), are well intended has created more compassion toward those parts of myself which makes it easier to work with them.   When I have a reaction, I understand that this is a part of me, not all of me. I don’t feel so identified with the feelings, so taken over by them. And I also have more space to be with my partner’s feelings. This first class has been endlessly useful.
Terry Pennebaker, California

When I feel that I’m not in Self, the language of asking “What part am I blended with?” has been a pivot point for me. I can get curious and begin to inquire. I also have more compassion for other people without trying. Over the holidays, when I had a challenging time being with my father after he had a stroke, I really appreciated having more equanimity.
Doug Woodard, California

The thing that has struck me about IFS the most is how simple it is to discover if I am in Self. The emphasis and understanding of protectors has also changed my worldview in a certain way. The way of talking about parts in IFS is somehow different from other systems, and it has changed the way I organize my understanding of people.
Bruce Gibbs, California