Witnessed IFS Sessions

What is a Witnessed IFS Session?Witnessed IFS Sessions

Bonnie Weiss, LCSW & Everett Considine, IFSCP, will be hosting Witnessed IFS Sessions.

Each session involves one person being facilitated through an IFS session, with the rest of the group witnessing, lending your compassionate presence, and giving feedback afterward. We also discuss the IFS process both during and after the session.

Witnessing an IFS session can be very powerful for both the people witnessing and the person who is doing the session. If you want a chance to have a free IFS session or just want to witness, please join us!

Many times the “parts” that the person is working with will resonate with you as you are witnessing. This leads to deep levels of healing for everyone in the group. Also the high level of Self (healing) energy in the group is palpable.

Thursdays 5:00 – 6:30 pm pacific (8:00 – 9:30 pm eastern)

9/10, 9/24, 10/8, 10/22/15: Bonnie leads

9/17, 10/1, 10/15, 10/29/15: Everett leads

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If you want to volunteer for a session, email
Everett at everettconsidine@gmail.com
or Bonnie at bonnieweiss@gmail.com